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Quick Marketing Tips, Oh My!

May 03, 2022 ChrisAnn Dale Season 1 Episode 33
The Yard Card School Podcast
Quick Marketing Tips, Oh My!
Show Notes

Marketing Tips, Oh My! We've got a quickie 3 minute overview for you...

The Yard Card Association partnered up with Joyful Designs to bring to you an 8-Part Marketing Tips Series for Low Cost-To-No-Cost Business Boosting success. These are amazing tips that are simple & effective.

This Marketing Tips Series was published on Facebook for 8 days. We want to make sure you get an opportunity to learn, so here's the details for each tip. Before you get to reading, I want to give a big shout-out to Brian Hill with Joyful Designs for creating this fantastic series.

SURPRISE! Brian & I are teaming up to record a Mini-Podcast Series on these Marketing Tips, so it will be a deeper drive training for you. Subscribe/Follow the Show to be notified!

#1 Business Cards

#2 Neighborhood Canvassing

#3 Postcards

#4 Social Media

Look for the remaining 4 tips on the Yard Card Association Facebook feed. There's one for each day. We hope you enjoy the series!

Joyful Designs
Joyful Designs is a wholesale-only yard card supplier, also specializing in marketing materials.

Yard Card Association
The Yard Card Association is the industry's professional membership designed for yard card pros.

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