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Know Your 2021 Revenue Numbers

January 03, 2022 ChrisAnn Dale Season 1 Episode 20
The Yard Card School Podcast
Know Your 2021 Revenue Numbers
Show Notes


2021 has come to an end. As we ring in the new year, that means it's time to get your financials in order. Let's start with the good stuff...your REVENUE! How much money did your customers spend with you??

In this episode, I go through a basic overview on how to create that Sales Report.

If you are a pro & already track that data, whether it's in Excel, QuickBooks or another method, this is not the best episode for you.

If you don't already have an established method, definitely tune in. We have a basic Revenue Template for you to download.
We also have our updated 2022 Business Expense Categories Cheat Sheet available soon.

WATCH the Video Training over on our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel so you can get the full value.

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